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May 19, 2013 11:00am EDT
campaigns. the i.r.s. has a problem, which groups deserve tax exempt status and which don't. >> a lot. >> a lot, that's true, more from conservative groups than liberal groups. was somebody trying to shten that job by putting in search terms and made a mistake? we don't know. chris: here is what we know now. we're getting this in rolling disclosure which is the worst way for the government to learn. there was an i.r.s. investigation of themselves months ago. there was an investigation which must have summed up its workweeks ago. it was leaked last week and the white house was informed of that sometime in april. all of this investigation and my question is, does any believe this president is running the show? >> that's a rhetorical question. >> some some ways he is not worried about press freedom seeing he gets so much press ion from information. this could have really energized them and made a real difference for the tea party groups. chris: the president needing a strong hand on managing things. we're looking at the history of the show seeing how much has changed in 11 years. look a
May 19, 2013 2:30am EDT
to the strengthening economy, with greater than expected tax revenues and payments from mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac. retail sales rose unexpectedly as well for the month of april, climbing a tenth of a percent. analysts were expecting a decline of 0.3%. that's a sign of consumer strength, important because consumption makes up about 70% of the u.s. economy. >>> the market sets new highs on almost a daily basis, but are we ripe for a corrtion? a lot of skeptics out there. what about that pesky federal reserve and what happen hence the easy money comes to an end? we're talk about how to invest right now with alison deans, senior adviser of varick asset management and richard bernstein of richard bernstein associates. good to see both of you. thank you for joining us. what about the record performance? milestones almost every single day. do you think that leads one to believe that we are topsy-turvy, that we're going to turn around and go down soon or would you put new money to work here? >> i would put new money to work, maria. i think we're in the stage of the bull market where peopl
May 19, 2013 5:00am EDT
and his crew behind him have become one of the biggest cheerleaders thanks to the maryland tax credit that's allowed huge productions like house of cards to shoot here. >> as these tax credits encourage films to shoot here will only get largerer and grow exponentially. >> the mayor pointed out because of the film tax credit over 6,000 jobs have been created and the economic impact from cards alone is about $100 million. >> the ability to be able to attract not only movies but i think more importantly a series like this series, house of cards, which employs by the way some 2,000 marylanders who are at work and adding to maryland's growing economy. >> the tax credits have also support aryland to this. >> they are rivaling any crews that have ever worked in hollywood, and it's a delight for me to come here, just in terms of personally, i like baltimore a great deal. >> and according to producers, season two of "house of cards" should air some time after january 204. in harford county, lowell melser. >> we did see kevin spacey at preakness yesterday. he was nice enough to take a picture with d
May 19, 2013 6:30pm EDT
: the winning ticket is worth $590.5 million. $148 million goes right to the federal government in taxes. if the winner takes the lump sum, it will be a $370 million payday. the second largest lottery winnings in the united states, ever. >> tonight we had the biggest jackpot in powerball history. >> reporter: the $590 million jackpot is so large, it could fund the city of zephyrhills' entire government budget for the next 12 years. >> i don't see how one person could ever spend that kind of money. in them, their children and their grandchildren couldn't spend that kind of money. >> reporter: while we're here waiting to find out who won the powerball, in virginia and new jersey, there were two winning tickets sold in the mega millions, the identities of those winning tickets owners are yet to come forward but by comparison to the $590 million in the powerball? those mega million winners are going to have to split a measly $190 million. lester? >> tough times indeed, kerry sanders, thanks very much. >>> you may feel like you need a lottery jackpot when you hear the latest news at the pump.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4